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"Paranoid", de Nabil Elderkin

Elderkin has worked with West in the past, on the "Champions" video and "Welcome to Heartbreak". For this effort, the director said he initially wanted a "Clockwork Orange"-style aesthetic, but later he and 'Ye settled on an abstract, art-noir style.

"It's fantasy meets paranoid, when you get into that frame of mind and get trapped into your thoughts," Elderkin said of the video's premise. "It starts out subtle, but then it just builds. So I wanted to get that into the video, to build that into her dream sequence and get her into that paranoid state of mind."

Rihanna was cast as the lead in the video by West, Elderkin said. "That wasn't too much of a decision," he said of West's recommendation. "That was somewhere between 'hell yeah' and 'yeah.' Who wouldn't want to look at Rihanna?"

The final version of the video will be more of a narrative compared to the original idea Elderkin had. Once he began filming, some elements didn't allow for the sequencing and projections he had hoped for, so 'Ye recommended tweaks. Elderkin said West's behavior will be wolf-like in the final version, and Rihanna will be in more car scenes. West posted stills from the video on his Web site Thursday.

(fonte: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1612417/20090529/west_kanye.jhtml) - não consigo tirar a porra dos itálicos.

Kanye West feat. Mr Hudson - "Paranoid"


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Guilherme Silva disse...

Também gosto bastante.

Ana C J Sousa disse...

Nao sou fã de Kenye West ou Rihanna, mas acho que o vídeo tá optimo.. uma mistura de psycho e clockwork orange . Gostei :)

Francisco disse...

Não és fã de Kanye West?
Hm, acho que vamos ter que rever a tua entrada no Cineclube então...