domingo, março 04, 2012

Esta quinta-feira (8 Março): "TRUST"

O Cineclube FDUP está de volta para mais um semestre de cinema!

Esta quinta-feira, 8 de Março, as sessões regulares voltam à rua dos Bragas com "TRUST" (1990), de Hal Hartley.
É às 18h15, na sala 1.01, com a apresentação de Tomé Pereira.

O cartaz com a programação geral segue dentro de momentos, estejam atentos!

Respect + admiration + trust = love. Only Hartley would attempt to devise some sort of metric to quantify a feeling as intangible as love; one critic, I can’t recall who, suggested that Hartley’s scripts were so hermetic and rigidly plotted that it’s as if they were written on graph paper. But while his films definitely give the impression of being fully worked out well before the cameras roll, that doesn’t necessarily condemn the end results to being stale and overly calculated. For one, actors like Shelly and Donovan have more than enough charisma, and in Trust specifically, Hartley zeroes in on universal problems that affect many young men and women trying to make their way in the world. Who can’t identify with Matthew, who’s forced to trade in his stubborn idealism for grown-up responsibility by swallowing his pride and taking a job in TV repair? Or Maria, who’s redeemed by love in a very old-fashioned way, once you look past Hartley’s cool detachment and eccentricity?

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