quinta-feira, junho 09, 2011

"Leap year"

Câmara de Ouro deste ano em Cannes: Leap year (2010), de Michael Rowe.

"A lonely Mexican woman with some major intimacy issues goes on a one-month sex spree in "Leap Year," Michael Rowe's raunchy and acutely minimalist study of urban alienation, romantic longing and bedroom practices no one should try at home. Set almost entirely inside a drab Mexico City apartment and filmed in a series of well-designed masters, pic evokes both Tsai Ming-liang's quiet studies of contempo gloom and Bruno Dumont's raw depictions of flesh-on-flesh, with a cleverly constructed story that pays off despite the bodily fluids. Semi-extreme content will attract distribs prepared to take a leap of faith".

Artigo completo aqui.

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