segunda-feira, maio 11, 2015

Quarta, 13 de maio: PAMPLINAS MAQUINISTA (1926), de Clyde Bruckman e Buster Keaton

Na próxima quarta-feira, dia 13 de Maio, pelas 18h15, o Cineclube FDUP apresenta PAMPLINAS MAQUINISTA (The General, 1926), de Clyde Bruckman e Buster Keaton. A sessão realiza-se na sala 0.01 da FDUP e a entrada é, como habitualmente, gratuita.

Contamos com a tua presença!

«Today I look at Keaton's works more often than any other silent films. They have such a graceful perfection, such a meshing of story, character and episode, that they unfold like music. Although they're filled with gags, you can rarely catch Keaton writing a scene around a gag; instead, the laughs emerge from the situation; he was “the still, small, suffering center of the hysteria of slapstick”, wrote the critic Karen Jaehne. And in an age when special effects were in their infancy, and a “stunt” often meant actually doing on the screen what you appeared to be doing, Keaton was ambitious and fearless. He had a house collapse around him. He swung over a waterfall to rescue a woman he loved. He fell from trains. And always he did it in character, playing a solemn and thoughtful man who trusts in his own ingenuity.»

- Roger Ebert, toda a crítica aqui.

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