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Quarta, 8 de Abril: Jubilee (1978), de Derek Jarman

Na próxima Quarta-feira, dia 8 de Abril, pelas 18h15, o Cineclube FDUP apresenta Jubilee (1978), de Derek Jarman. A sessão realiza-se na sala 0.01 da FDUP e a entrada é, como habitualmente, gratuita. 

(...) In a sense, Jarman was expressing similar nihilistic views to those of Johnny Rotten in God Save the Queen. Neither believed in the English disease that the political philosopher of Britain's decline Tom Nairn described as "the glamour of backwardness". Jarman told the Guardian's Nicholas de Jongh in February 1978: "We have now seen all established authority, all political systems, fail to provide any solution - they no longer ring true."
Jubilee teems with scenes that switch queasily between juvenile theatrics and droolingly imagined savagery. The girl punk gang go on a killing spree, suffocating lovers in plastic sheets and murdering entertainers. Time Out magazine, in an otherwise positive review, charged that the film's "determined sexual inversion (whereby most women become freakish 'characters', and men loose-limbed sex objects) comes to look disconcertingly like a misogynist binge". For punk historian Jon Savage, the misogyny was the point: "Those scenes are about that kind of cruelty which was so evident at the time. It doesn't endorse it. In fact it doesn't endorse anything very much." (...)
O texto completo, aqui. 

When Queen Elizabeth I asks her court alchemist to show her England in the future, she’s transported 400 years to a post-apocalyptic wasteland of roving girl gangs, an all-powerful media mogul, fascistic police, scattered filth, and twisted sex. With Jubilee, legendary British filmmaker Derek Jarman channeled political dissent and artistic daring into a revolutionary blend of history and fantasy, musical and cinematic experimentation, satire and anger, fashion and philosophy. With its uninhibited punk petulance and sloganeering, Jubilee brings together many cultural and musical icons of the time, including Jordan, Toyah Willcox, Little Nell, Wayne County, Adam Ant, and Brian Eno (with his first original film score), to create a genuinely unique, unforgettable vision. Ahead of its time and often frighteningly accurate in its predictions, it is a fascinating historical document and a gorgeous work of film art. Aqui. 

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