segunda-feira, maio 12, 2014

13 de Maio: Berberian Sound Studio

Amanhã, dia 13 de Maio, o Cineclube FDUP estreia-se no Cinema de Terror com Berberian Sound Studio (2012), de Peter Strickland. O filme será exibido pelas 18h15, na sala 0.01 da FDUP (Faculdade de Direito da UP).

"Berberian Sound Studio has something of early Lynch and Polanski, and the nasty, secretive studio is a little like the tortured Mark Lewis's screening room in Powell's Peeping Tom, but that gives no real idea of how boldly individual this film is. In fact, it takes more inspiration from the world of electronic and synth creations and the heyday of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and it is close in spirit to Kafka's The Castle or to the Gothic literary tradition of Bram Stoker and Ann Radcliffe: a world of English innocents abroad in a sensual, mysterious landscape."

A crítica de Peter Bradshaw pode ser lida na íntegra aqui.

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