domingo, março 23, 2014

25 de Março: THE BIG SLEEP (1946), de Howard Hawks

Terça-feira, dia 25 de Março, o Cineclube FDUP apresenta THE BIG SLEEP (À BEIRA DO ABISMO), 1946, de Howard Hawks. A sessão decorrerá na sala 0.01, pelas 18h15, na FDUP, com entrada gratuita, como sempre.
Contamos com a tua presença!
Bogart is Philip Marlowe, a private detective called in by an ageing sensualist when his pretty, tearaway daughter is being blackmailed. Yet Marlowe is enamoured of her sister: a cool customer played, of course, by Lauren Bacall. The movie's disturbing labyrinthine story of murder and betrayal now looks like a fable by David Lynch: and the witty, charged dialogue between the leads shows that no screen couple, before or since, had as much chemistry as Bogart and Bacall.

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