segunda-feira, abril 11, 2016

Terça-feira, 12 de abril | OUTRA TERRA (2011), de Mike Cahill

O Cineclube FDUP exibe na próxima terça-feira, dia 12 de abril, ANOTHER EARTH (Outra Terra, EUA, 2011), de Mike Cahill. Um outro planeta, semelhante à Terra, aparece no céu. Excelente oportunidade para ver, ou rever, Brit Marling, em argumento assinado pela própria.

A sessão, como de costume, realiza-se na sala 0.01 da FDUP (piso do bar) pelas 18h15, e são gratuitas. Contamos com a tua presença!

«What's impressive is how well this film joins its parts into a whole. The other Earth idea is left as a fantastical hook and wisely not considered scientifically, except of course in its role as the film's master image. The relationship between Rhoda and John is seen as fraught with danger. The actors occupy their characters convincingly. They make us care more than the plot really requires. Earth 2, always looming in the sky, encourages us to reflect on how arbitrary our destinies are. In one sense, nothing in our lives was necessary. In another sense, everything was inevitable.»

Roger Ebert; o texto, na íntegra, aqui.

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