segunda-feira, março 23, 2015

25 de março, quarta-feira | ADEUS, DRAGON INN (Bu san, 2003), de Tsai Ming-liang

Quarta-feira, dia 25 de março, Cinema sobre (o fim dos) cinemas no Cineclube FDUP: ADEUS, DRAGON INN (Bu san), de Tsai Ming-liang.

Na sala 1.01 da FDUP, pelas 18h15. A entrada, como de costume, é gratuita.


«While Tsai's long, static takes are basic Lumière, his narrative evokes the lost world of silent cinema. A prolonged gag is derived from a spectator's efforts to retrieve her fallen shoe. A wordless scene in the men's toilet is a small masterpiece of comic timing. The action is a dance of simple activities: The ticket taker eats her steamed bun and then makes an arduous journey from the box office, leg brace clanking, down an endless corridor and up the narrow stairs to the booth where she leaves a portion of her meal as an offering for the unseen projectionist.»

- J. Hoberman, in The Village Voice (crítica na íntegra clicando na hiperligação)

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