domingo, abril 06, 2014

8 de Abril: A PRINCESA MONONOKE, de Miyazaki

Esta terça-feira, dia 8 de Abril, o Cineclube FDUP regressa ao registo do cinema de animação com o filme A Princesa Mononoke (Mononoke-hime), 1997, de Hayao Miyazaki, Japão. A exibição do filme decorrerá, como todas as sessões regulares, na sala 0.01 da FDUP, pelas 18h15.
"I go to the movies for many reasons. Here is one of them. I want to see wondrous sights not available in the real world, in stories where myth and dreams are set free to play. Animation opens that possibility, because it is freed from gravity and the chains of the possible. Realistic films show the physical world; animation shows its essence.
The drama is underlaid with Miyazaki's deep humanism, which avoids easy moral simplifications. There is a remarkable scene where San and Ashitaka, who have fallen in love, agree that neither can really lead the life of the other, and so they must grant each other freedom, and only meet occasionally. You won't find many Hollywood love stories (animated or otherwise) so philosophical. "Princess Mononoke" is a great achievement and a wonderful experience, and one of the best films of the year."
A crítica, de Roger Ebert, ali.

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