segunda-feira, novembro 18, 2013

19 de Novembro na FDUP: "A Caixa de Pandora" (1929), de G.W.PABST

O Cineclube FDUP apresenta esta terça-feira, dia 19 de Novembro, pelas 18:15h, na FDUP (sala 1.01) o filme "A Caixa de Pandora" (1929), de G.W.Pabst.


"(...)Pabst made sure that Brooks was pre-eminently Wedekind's idea of Lulu - a beautiful
innocent who passively accepts her sexuality and causes the weak men who adore her to self-destruct. She is the prostitute as scapegoat, tragic but with no sense of sin, who is eventually killed by Jack the Ripper. Pabst realised that, as well as being a beautiful woman, Brooks - as an ex-dancer - was an actress who could move across the screen in a way which expressed feelings as much others do with their faces. He gave her dresses which symbolised her character and condition - spotless white satin when she kills her husband and worn and dirty garments when she picks up the Ripper on the foggy London street."
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